Pages with FREE 3D models

2. září 2007 v 0:58 | aDalbert |  3D GRAFIKA
Odkazy na stránky s free modely, převážně aut atd...

PlanIt 3D............3ds .max
ArchiDOM.........3ds .max
Honda Fan Site....lwo .dxf
Customize............3ds .max
Sw-in....................3ds .max
StrataCafe...........s3d .max .dxf
Art Magic 3D......lwo
3D models............max
Dosch Design......All format
Marsupi 3D.........3ds
3dtransit...............lwo .3ds .obj .cob
3D Vault..............3dm .max
3DM-mc..............3ds .max
Free 3D Meshes.3ds .dxf .obj
Albrecht Software......All format
3d02.....................3ds .max .lwo
Amazing 3D........3ds .max .cob
MasGrafx Racing.....max
ModelboX...........obj .max
Zeichen & CAD.........dxf
3D Kingdom........3ds .max
Modean 3D.........3ds
Free Data............lwo
3D Dimension.....3ds
Model-Wave.......3ds .max .dxf
CG Data Bank....max .dxf .obj .fmz
Military 3D.........lwo
ShareCG.............3ds .obj
Google SketchUp.......skp
Artblock..............3ds .max
3D Heaven..........3ds
AimWorks...........lwo .dxf .shd
Tuk Tuk..............3dm
car 3D Max.........3ds
Gunpoint 3D........3ds .max .lwo .c4d
3D Models !........3ds
Autodrop..............3ds .max
3D .cob
Max Models 3D..........3ds
ArchiBit...............3ds .lwo
Rab's Hoose........cob

------------- [registration] -------------
Turbo Squid.........3ds .max .lwo .c4d
The 3D Studio.....3ds .max .lwo
3d CAT................lwo
LWG 3D..............lwo
CG architect........3ds .max
Form Fonts 3D....skp .dxf .lwo .3ds
Content Paradise.......Poser
3D World Club....All format
3D Model Sharing.....dxf
3D modelworks...3ds .max .max

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1 3ds 3ds | 18. listopadu 2007 v 11:37 | Reagovat

Jak těžké, muselo to dát hoodně práce...  Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v

2 ff ff | 9. března 2008 v 14:19 | Reagovat

velmi dobra stranka.. aspon nemusim hladat a aspon mi to usetri cas

3 ... ... | 22. března 2008 v 13:31 | Reagovat

dobra stranka

4 tryny tryny | 15. července 2008 v 14:44 | Reagovat

nice, MORE MORE!! :)

5 to 3ds to 3ds | 29. července 2008 v 11:06 | Reagovat

vis ale nekdo ty strankymusel taky najit

6 to: to 3Ds to: to 3Ds | 24. listopadu 2008 v 18:44 | Reagovat

To jo, nekdo musel najit dmi-chez... dat Links a vsechno to zkopirovat... =D HAHAHA

7 ripper ripper | 18. prosince 2008 v 13:01 | Reagovat

souhlasim s ff. usetri to spoustu casu. Jen tak dal...

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